We've Changed. And Change Is Good.

Welcome to the brand new FiberLove.

Notice anything different? Nope, it’s not a new haircut. But we certainly are looking more stylish, don’t you agree?

We’ve got a new name, a fun and colorful new design, and a new attitude. We’re simply walking on air. Because we’re in love! That’s right, we’ve fallen in love with fiber all over again, and we want the whole world to know it. Honestly, we’re super excited about the changes going on around here, and we’re even more excited to share all of our feel-good vibes with you.

Our new name, FiberLove, says it all. It shouts from the rooftops, "We love fiber and what it can do for your body!" Have you seen our hot new package designs? Now our bars are as beautiful on the outside as they make you feel on the inside. And that cute little heart on the upper right corner of every package? That’s not just a symbol of our affection. It means we’re now Non-GMO Project Verified!

We've also let our love spill over into the FiberLove Club. Now, Club members will get 30% off the regular bar price!

Wouldn’t you like to let a little more love into your life? Try a new FiberLove bar to see what we can do for you.

31 thoughts on “We've Changed. And Change Is Good.”

  • So sad to see the Gnu packaging gone...I have loved gnu fiber bars for several years but am so disappointed with the new name, packaging, rebranding ... "FiberLove" is a terrible name for the product...at least the Gnu was cute with lots of character...bad marketing move...sorry.

  • I always enjoyed Gnu bars, as difficult as they were to find. I was happy to stumble across the re-branded Fiber Love bars at the supermarket on Monday. I'm confused though. They retail for 1.49 at the supermarket, so how is your club price of 1.32 a :30%" savings. I've never seen them priced at anywhere near $2 a bar, let alone OVER $2, even when they were Gnu!

    • Thanks for keeping FiberLove on your radar. And good question! The suggested retail price for a FiberLove bar is $1.99, but the price it's sold for at each individual store depends on the store, or what promotions the store is running at any given time. We've seen in-store prices range from about $1.20 to $2.50.

  • We like Blondie, Orange, Blueberry, and Becky likes the new Peanut chocolate ship bars and we are still club members. We do not like the new packaging. The name is not attractive to us, but we are more interested in the taste and benefits of the product than the package. We also liked the Espresso. The GnuBars are the best bars we have tried for the fiber and the flavor. We compare the bars' effect to the SNL cereal.

  • Your chocolate brownie fiber bars used to be gluten free. Did you change them or do you still have a gluten free option.
    Very disappointed if they are not gluten free anymore.
    Hope not.

    • Hi Ralane. Thanks for commenting! The Chocolate Brownie bar has actually always contained gluten. We didn't make any changes to the formulation of our ingredients when Flavor & Fiber became FiberLove. We don't have any gluten-free options for our fiber bars yet, but we recognize that there is a desire for a gluten-free high fiber bar, so we're looking into a gluten-free option for the future. Hope this helped!

  • Hi! LOVE THE CINNAMON RAISIN! please never get rid of them.

    Do you still make the minis? they're so adorable and great for stashing in all corners of my bag to make sure I always have something!

  • Do not like the new name.. the packaging just blends in with all the others, & you have lost flavors. I hate when new investors come in & "rebrand" to justify their job.. sux..

    • Hi Mika. Sorry to hear you're not feeling the FiberLove. No new investors around, just a passionate Gnu Foods team intent on making sure the beauty of our high-fiber bars is apparent both inside and out :-) If you'd like to talk with someone from the Gnu Foods team, give us a call, or shoot us an email using the contact form here: http://www.fiberlovebar.com/contact/.

  • John B Hemphill October 21, 2013 at 9:00 am

    I have eaten Gnu Foods bars for years with breakfast, and have found that the best way to get them is to go straight to the source. I'm going to join the Fiber Club, because I don't want to run out. Very glad to see your company is obviously flourishing--you provide something that no one else does or even comes close to. JH

    • Thanks for the kind words, John! We're glad you're enjoying the bars. The FiberLove Club lets you customize your FiberLove order to fit your desires, so we look forward to providing you with a great Club experience. :-)

  • While I have loved your bars for years, I lament the loss of the Espresso Chip bar. Honestly, your name and packaging changes are hackneyed. It looks like you passed up originality for a main stream marketing plan. You have lost your signature, with the exception of great taste, and blend in with all the other similar products on the shelf.

    • Hi, Jill. We're sorry to hear you feel that way! Everyone at Gnu Foods is genuinely proud and excited about FiberLove, and we're committed to hearing our customers out and making each FiberLove fan feel as good as possible. If you'd like to chat, please send us an email at info@fiberlovebar.com or call 1-877-703-1085. We'll be happy to answer any of your questions or concerns.

  • Please tell me where I can get the Expresso Chip Bar. All the places I go in NYC say you are not making them anymore and you are not making the cartons. Where should I look for these new Fiber Love bars in New York City?

    • Hi Cora! You can use the "Find a Store" tab at the top of this site to find the store most convenient for you. The Expresso Chip bar isn't around anymore, but we have eight other great flavors for you to choose from. If you have any other questions, shoot us an email at info@fiberlovebar.com.

  • Nice look. I just had one of my stores Gnu bars last night. The design is eye pleasing though not as easy to know immediately what flavor by color.

    My favorite was the chocolate (though a long time in general cinnamon raisin lover, I could not stomach that flavor in your bar very wel).

    Thinking of adding MINT?! THat would be great.

    Also, finally, please don't tell me that the price of bars overall are going to bump up with the design change, as other companies do. It's usually only affordable from off shelf or older seller.


    • Hi, Hana. Thanks for your comments. We haven't increased the price of our bars - in fact, for members of our FiberLove Club, we've decreased the price! Now, FiberLove Club members will get 30% the regular price - up from the former 20% off. Check out the details on our Club page.

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