Feel Better

March 4, 2014

Relationships are great. But sometimes it's hard to keep up with healthy habits when emotions are involved.

We were lucky enough to sit down with dietitian Jessica Katz, who answered some hard-hitting relationship-nutrition questions. Like: How can you trick your significant other into eating healthily? Is there a way to protect your heart with food? What steps should be taken to upstage a frenemy?

Press play to find the answers, then read on for more tips in Jessica's blog post, below!

January 17, 2014

FiberLove Like My Love Photo Contest

We believe in love. FiberLove, of course, but also a whole lot of other types of love. We believe in the type of love that makes you happy. The type that makes you smile. The type of love you save for your favorite activities. A passionate love that makes your life more enjoyable. That love where, when you express it, people look at you and think “Hey, I want that!”

That’s why we want you to enter our Like My Love photo contest to show us what you love. Tell us what makes you smile. What gets you feeling good? Where do you find your escape from the hustle and bustle? Declare it to the world! Shout it from a rooftop! Submit your picture!

Oh, and we’re going to pay you to pursue your love in the way that works best for you. We’ll give $1,000 to the owner of the winning picture, plus $100 each to four second-prize winners, and five FiberLove prize packs to honorable mentions.

How to Enter

  • Click here.
  • Submit a photo to show what love looks like to you, and include a caption to talk about your passion.
  • Get your friends, family, readers, fellow bloggers, street strangers, whomever, to vote for your picture.
  • The grand prize and second place winners will be chosen from the top-10 photos with the most votes.

January 8, 2014

How many times have you made a New Years Resolution - whether it be to lose weight, exercise more or cut back on spending - only to find your motivation dwindle as the weeks go by? Staying motivated to accomplish a goal can be really difficult. Why is it that some people can meet their resolutions, while the majority fail miserably? The key is in setting concrete, attainable goals and having the right attitude! Here are some tried and true tips to help you meet your goals.

Tips to help you meet your goals:

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