About FiberLove? Glad you asked.

FiberLove’s philosophy is one of adventure, individuality, and feel-good flavor. FiberLove is an unexpected compliment, or a goal accomplished, or a funny story that keeps you smiling all day. FiberLove is a sweet moment of blissful escape from the mundane. It’s fiber that tastes like a soft-baked, chewy cookie. It’s nutrition with a new vision: to make you feel great all over, all the time.

FiberLove is kosher and Non-GMO Project verified. All FiberLove bars – except Blondie, which contains whole milk powder – are also vegan. Each flavorful FiberLove bar is made with a special, all-natural blend of soluble and insoluble fiber that provides 12 grams of fiber in 130-160 calories. FiberLove is honest, all-natural, heart-healthy food to fuel you through whatever goal you set out to accomplish. Because you deserve the best, and we're intent on giving it to you. So instead of focusing on the trustworthiness of your food, you can focus on more important things—like yourself.

In short, FiberLove is all about you. So grab a FiberLove Bar and seize the day, however you want to seize it. In any case, FiberLove will always treat you right, so you can be confident inside and out.

About FiberLove Bars

FiberLove was born from a labor of… well, love. In 2004, Gnu Foods was founded when our team of dedicated fiber experts and enthusiasts who resolved to make fiber fun. Over years of delivering happiness in the form of soft-baked Flavor & Fiber bars, we listened to the feedback of our customers and decided to make our high fiber bars even better. After lots of taste-testing, recipe-creation, conversing with customers, and dreaming up a design for a better bar, Gnu Foods entered a renaissance of sorts—and came out on the other side clutching a FiberLove bar held high. We hope you’re as passionate about our bars as we are!

FiberLove News

June 10, 2014

Fiber is a tool for good health

Gadgets and golf clubs and grill accessories. Ties and tools and timepieces. With Father’s Day approaching, the question of what dad needs is on the minds of many. But one of the simplest answers may be one of the least obvious: fiber.

When only 3% of men in the United States eat the daily recommended 31-38 grams of fiber, most dads have lots of room for improvement.

We put together an easy game plan for Father’s Day – and every day – to help dads get the fiber they need.

April 1, 2014

Escape to Two New Sensation Vacation Destinations!

The best apple fiber bar! The big Apple Cobbler. The best coconut fiber bar! Your own dessert island.

At FiberLove, we work to bring you the best, most pleasurable fiber in the world – and now there are two new flavors you can escape to for your every-day vacay!

Coconut Macaroon and Apple Cobbler, may just be the best FiberLove flavors yet.

March 17, 2014

Since FiberLove debuted, it's been getting quite a bit of affection from our new friends around the internet. But don't just take our word for it! Take a gander at what these bloggers, nutritionists and fiber fans have to say about our fabulous high-fiber bars! Then chat us up on social media to tell us what you think about FiberLove.

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